Digital Marketing Specialist – Feline Oracle

Lela Smith

Feline Oracle

Since February 2023, I have provided ongoing digital marketing consultation and social media management services for Jessica Cohen, creator and owner of the Feline Oracle spirit blanket.

Social Media Management

My main duty is maintaining Feline Oracle’s TikTok account. I create and post promotional videos twice daily. I also respond to customer comments and questions, providing information about our product and cultivating a positive business-client relationship.

I began managing Feline Oracle’s TikTok account on March 3rd, 2023, at which point it had 18 total followers. Once I took over, the account reached 1100 followers in less than a week.

To watch some of the promotional video content I’ve created for Feline Oracle and other brands, click the link below.

Website Copy

In February 2023, I created select pieces of website copy for two of Feline Oracle’s preexisting website I wrote all copy for Feline Oracle’s current home page and improved upon previous product descriptions in order to make them more readable, personable, and SEO friendly.

To read my copywriting work for Feline Oracle and other client’s, click the link below.


In March 2023, I activated e-commerce functionality for Jessica Cohen’s domains,, and

Before this point, my client’s products were available for purchase only on Etsy. After meeting with her, the client and I determined that it was in her best interest to move away from Etsy and work toward selling independently. Due to the large fee Etsy charges, we determined directing customers to a site she ran herself would significantly increase the profit of each sale. Currently, the vast majority of my client’s sales are made through the online shops I built rather than Etsy or any other third party service.

Feline Oracle (@felineoracle) | TikTok

Feline Oracle (@felineoracle) on TikTok | 7.7K Likes. 1.1K Followers. The Feline Oracle Spirit Blanket: Your familiar speaking.Watch the latest video from Feline Oracle (@felineoracle).

Feline Oracle’s TikTok, which I currently manage.