Lela Smith

In addition to my art, I also do some writing. Sometimes comics, sometimes weird poetry, sometimes just random flash fiction stuff. Check it out!

Letters For Victoria

In 2020 I made a webcomic called “Letters For Victoria” about a woman struggling to make her way in the city alone after her best friend has moved away. You can read it on webtoon here:

Letters For Victoria – 01

Victoria, I write you letters and they go nowhere. I leave you notes you’ll never find. You are gone, and I am alone in a city whose heart still belongs to you. Series now complete 🙂 Check out my other stuff on Instagram @50stressballs or on gigdive.com/lela

Whispers in the Creek

I made a mystery/fantasy series called Whispers in the Creek. It’s currently (and probably always) on hiatus while I work on other stuff, but all the episodes I’ve finished are published below. If you want to be left on a cliffhanger, you can read it on webtoon here:

Whispers in the Creek

Beth and Theo have always been a little too interested in the supernatural. The summer before their senior year, the two decide to look for trouble while they can. They check out haunted houses, crop circles, UFO sightings, the works. It’s fun. Until… it’s not. Until it’s real.

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