Creative Writing

Lela Smith

Poetry and Prose

“Seeing Blue” Literary Magazine

Multiple of my pieces have been published in Queensbury High School’s annual literary magazine, Seeing Blue.

An edited version of my poem “Can You Pick Me Up?” was included in the 2020 issue, which you can view digitally here. The original unmodified version of the work is available here.

The 2022 edition included both a poem of mine, “Autumn,” and one of my flash fiction works, “Sidewalks in the Spring.” The 2022 edition is not available online, but you can read my works that were included in it here and here respectively.

Adirondack Trust’s Festival of Young Artists

A flash fiction piece of mine, titled “Katie Baby,” was published in the 2020 literary gallery of The Adirondack Trust Compay’s Festival of Young Artists. The gallery is no longer available online, but you can read my contribution here.


Letters For Victoria

In 2020 I wrote and illustrated a 25-episode webcomic called “Letters For Victoria.” It’s a slice-of-life, slightly nonsensical story about how love and companionship shape our lives– and who we are when they’re gone. You can read it on webtoon here:

Letters For Victoria – 01

Victoria, I write you letters and they go nowhere. I leave you notes you’ll never find. You are gone, and I am alone in a city whose heart still belongs to you. Series now complete 🙂 Check out my other stuff on Instagram @50stressballs or on